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NISA is the totally non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making agency working in the field of administrative transparency and anti corruption programs. We are here to make you aware  and inform you about irregularities in administrative bodies. We are public cops to uproot organized corruptions and crimes. We are here to make our governmental bodies, NGOs, INGOs and other public related institutes and agencies to work effectively and corruption free. We are here to press government to take actions quickly against the irregularities and crimes. We are here to make prestigious corruption free public administration. We are here to press constructions and developmental works grow faster. But we cannot do it with out your support. Your support is priceless fuel to us. With out public support we cannot do any thing and we cannot fulfill our promise without your support. So support us and put your hands on hands to make our dream come true for the shake of our country NEPAL to grow in every aspects.

Since CIAA, CIB, and other governmental agencies cannot do fare investigations and punishments to the corrupted politicians, officers as they are bound to dirty political systems. They are not allowed to investigate freely  by the politicians threatening them of snatching the post, in order to keep their crimes secret.  when the CIB is recruited the so called politicians and ministers takes bribes, then how the investigations and crime control could be effective. So feeling the need of free intelligence and investigating agency, we united to form this agency.